An Aotearoa where the rights
of all children are made real

The Children’s Rights Alliance Aotearoa is the collective voice for children’s rights in Aotearoa. We are a membership-based organisation representing civil society – individuals and non-government organisations committed to making children’s rights real in their daily lives here in Aotearoa. Together, we:

  • Promote children’s rights and participation
  • Report on progress on children’s rights.

It is our role to lead reporting, from a civil society point of view, on how well the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is being implemented in Aotearoa. Respect for all people, te Tiriti O Waitangi and children’s rights underpins all that we do.

Quick update on our mahi so far this year

In Aotearoa, we are currently in the middle of our 6th cycle of reporting on the Children’s Convention. Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed to this reporting process. On 1 March 2020 the Children’s Rights Alliance submitted a consolidated report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, outlining the issues we see as central to the realisation of children’s rights in Aotearoa. Read the report here. In June 2020 we also submitted a supplementary report on the impact of COVID-19 on children in Aotearoa. You can read the supplementary report here.
The next stage in the reporting process is now underway – the Government has recently received the list of children’s issues it must report on to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in June 2021. You can read the full List of Issues from the UN here and our summary of the List of Issues here. The Alliance’s next report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is due September 2021. This will be our main report, covering all children’s rights under the Convention and how, from a civil society perspective, Aotearoa is going on advancing, protecting, respecting and upholding these rights for all children.

Everyone is welcome to join the Children’s Rights Alliance; any child, young person, adult, family, whānau or non-government organisation who supports children’s rights, Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and the Children’s Rights Alliance’s aims and values.

Will you join us?

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